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Roast:  Light / Medium

Tasting Notes: Fruit | Berries | Cocoa

Brew Method: Filtered Options | Flexible!

Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Net Weight: 12 oz 

Roast Schedule: Roasted fresh on Tuesdays & Thursdays 

Shipping Schedule: Coffees ship within 48 hours of roast



Vibe: Spanish for "Quality", Calidad highlights both the Hispanic influence and the high-standard of care, coffee and service that drives our team at Dript Coffee Co.  Calidad is Dript's first rotating Single-Origin offering, featuring a different Hispanic coffee bean with each rotation (currently Huehuetenango, Guatemala).  


The Hispanic celebration all starts with our COO & Head Roaster, Sal.  Sal Vernacchio, a first-generation Argentine American, runs all things roasting & operations.  We dedicate this coffee to Sal - for all his hard work, his dedication to his craft, and the quality coffee he delivers day in & day out.  He's crafted Dript into a company not just with delicious coffee, but a culture focused on serving and caring for others, and putting the needs of our clients before anything else.


Calidad also honors the inception of our company.  While traveling in California, Dript's founder fell in love with multiple Hispanic-influenced coffee roasters.  He vowed to bring their experience of genuine care, service and great coffee (& empanadas!) back to the East Coast by starting Dript!


Calidad ~ Quality Coffee, Quality People, Quality Times