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Clock In Summer Blend

Clock In Summer Blend


Roast:  Medium

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar | Caramel | Smooth

Brew Method: Filtered Options | Iced Coffee | Flexible!

Origin: South America & Indonesia

Net Weight: 12 oz 

Roast Schedule: Coffee is roasted fresh Monday - Friday

Shipping Schedule: Coffees ships Tuesdays and Thursdays


Welcome to Dript's collaboration with Philly's own Clock in Running Club!

The Clock In Summer Blend is for those who like to start their week off with some grit.  Get up, get after it, and get Dript in momentum with this silky smooth summer brew!

You can't clock out if you don't clock in folks.  Stop hittin' snooze and start hittin' Kelly Drive every Mondee mornin' with the Clock In Running Club!