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Meet the Roaster: Obel Hernandez Sr., Founder of Bean 2 Bean Coffee Co.

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Bean2Bean founder, Obel Hernandez Sr.

Dript is proud to have a partnership with Bean2Bean Coffee Co. - a staple roaster in the Philadelphia community focused on making quality, craft coffee a lifestyle. With over 30 years of experience, founder Obel Hernandez Sr. has created a company that prioritizes quality and the delivery of a great cup of coffee to each customer. We asked Obel a few questions to learn more about Bean2Bean and his approach to coffee. 

Q: How you started working in coffee? 
A: I went to an agency looking for a job. They sent me to Maxwell House where I was a table setter. I prepared sample panels for the Senior Quality Control coffee tasters to examine. I panned green coffee, learned how to roast samples and set them at round tables. I prepped about 200 panels a day.

Q: How was Bean2Bean started?
A: After I left Maxwell House, I landed a position with Caribou Coffee in Minnesota where I developed a romance with specialty coffee. Several years later I moved to Pennsylvania and there was no question in my mind that I needed to pursue my passion of coffee. I didn’t think about working in any other industry.

Q: What is your ideal coffee routine? 
A: I enjoy an easy going and peaceful morning to get my day started. I prep and brew my coffee. While it's brewing I figure out my breakfast, feed the dog (“Sarge” - a Boxer), and water the flowers. Then I sit down with my coffee and do business calls/emails. I have 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning.

Q: What is your home brew method?
A: Coffee on a Breville and a French Press

Q: What is your must have piece of home coffee equipment?
A: 100% a coffee grinder. Grinding coffee to the brew is a must.

Q: How do you make coffee approachable for everyone?
A: Serve a high quality cup of coffee and they’ll want to come back again. If you have a bad product they’ll be turned off.

Q: What makes the Philadelphia coffee community something you’re excited to be a part of?
A: I find that the coffee community in Philadelphia is highly educated in their coffee consumption. I’m excited that we serve a community that appreciates the hard work and attention to detail we put in every roast.

Q: What one piece of advice do you have for entrepreneurs like yourself who are interested in starting a business in specialty coffee?
A: One word that comes to mind is sticktoitiveness. You have to stick to your guns and keep believing in what you are doing. At the same time you have to find balance. Understand when some things aren’t working and when to shut them down. Surround yourself with hard working people that are going to help you build the company and share your vision of growth.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to convey about yourself, Bean2Bean, or the coffee industry as a whole?
A: The barrier of entry into roasting coffee is low and this has led to a saturated market with inconsistency in overall production. Today’s coffee consumer is highly educated on the entire process from “Tree to Cup”. We enjoy educating and being an influencer within our market. Consumers are driven to a good product and we do our best to deliver in every cup. 


To find learn more about Bean2Bean and try their coffees, visit their Roaster Page on Dript HERE or request their coffees in your Subscription Plan!

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