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Meet the Roaster: Jonathan Adams, Co-founder of Rival Bros. Coffee

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Meet the Roaster: Jonathan Adams, Co-founder of Rival Bros. Coffee

Dript carries some of the best coffee roasters the Philadelphia community has to offer. Each roaster has a unique perspective that is just as much a part of their story as the coffee they roast. We asked Jonathan Adams, the co-founder of Rival Bros. coffee, a few questions about himself and his business to help you get to know what Rival Bros. is all about. 


Q:How did you started working in coffee?

A: My first coffee job was at Starbucks in 1997. The hours and experience was perfect for me a as a college student at Drexel. 

Q: How was Rival Bros. started?

A: My business partner, Damien Pileggi, and I met in high school and became very close friends over the years. We both worked in restaurants and while we thrived in that environment we wanted to have something for ourselves and coffee just made perfect sense. It was always a big part of our life (hanging at diners and cafes) and a big part of dining (making capps for a four-top). In 2011, we made the jump and launched a small roasting operation with a mobile cafe food truck. 

Q: What is you ideal coffee routine? 

A: The die-hard romantic in me reaches for weekend mornings sharing coffee with my wife, listening to some old soulful 60’s records. 

The work side of me calls for an espresso or a hot cup with loud rock music; The Black Keys usually fit the bill. 

Q:What is your home brew method:

A: Technivorm Moccamaster with glass carafe. 

Q:What is your must have piece of home coffee equipment:

A: See above but add a Baratza Virtuoso grinder. 

Q: What do you want everyone to know about coffee?

A: Coffee is food! It’s a painstaking crop to cultivate and maintain. Respect it like a chef respects any of their farmers. 

Q: How do you make coffee approachable for everyone?

A: We like to offer light to medium roast blends that have are easy drinking. Every component of our blends are high quality, stand alone Single Origins but we don’t want you to work hard to read a bag. Just enjoy the results. 

The other aspect is hospitality. By offering a clean environment with friendly employees, we believe the coffee tastes better and you will feel our sincerity. 

Q: What makes the Philadelphia coffee community something you’re excited to be a part of?

A: There are so many great shops and roasters in Philly. We are all doing different things despite the apparent similarities. The barista talent is high and the bar keeps getting raised. 

Q: What one piece of advice do you have for entrepreneurs like yourself who are interested in starting a business in specialty coffee?

A: Don't take yourself so seriously as an owner. It’s ok to not have the answers - I surely don’t. I am constantly learning from my staff and my vendors. The better caliber the people around you, the better business you will have. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to convey about yourself or Rival Bros.?

A: We appreciate the support of our hometown! 


To find learn more about Rival Bros. and try their coffees, visit their Roaster Page on Dript HERE or request their coffees in your Subscription Plan!

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